General Building Contractors

Thinking of building your own dream home in Maui? Or maybe you want to remodel your kitchen or add a new lanai to your existing home? If so, you will need to find a good contractor.

General contractors in Maui are required to be licensed by the State of Hawaii and will usually oversee the project from start to finish, being responsible for getting the job done at the agreed contract price. They will purchase the materials and provide the work crew, bringing in sub-contractors where necessary. These sub-contractors are then responsible to the general contractor, not to you.

Below you can find some of the many building contractors operating in Maui.

Armstrong Builders Ltd.

Maui Office: (808) 856-7597

Bill Darrah Builders

Betsill Brothers Construction

Valley Isle Builders

Finding a good contractor is important, as it can be extremely costly if your project goes wrong.
Some tips for selecting a contractor:

  • Define the scope of your project before approaching contractors
  • Talk to friends, neighbors, or co-workers who have recently had similar work done and ask them about their expericence
  • Check out a contractor’s reputation with the Better Business Bureau and other trusted online rating sites
  • Contact several companies and ask for written estimates, bearing in mind that the lowest bid is not necessarily the best choice
  • Having narrowed down your choice, you should then ask for a list of references, usually recent clients, and call them